re.invent women is a resource for women who want insights, practical tips and support on how to redefine their career, especially during a career transition.

the founder – Catherine Kraus:

My own career has had twists and turns along the way and I’ve had to reinvent myself many times. I have a diverse background in human resources, marketing, IT, education and fitness. Through these experiences, I’ve gained deeper insights into what works for women in business.

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Catherine Kraus from re.invent women
Catherine Kraus from re.invent women

the idea:

re.invent women is a start-up focused on providing women insights, practical tips and support redefining their career, especially during a career transition. According to studies, women are equally ambitious in their careers as men, however, they get “stuck in the talent pipeline” around mid-career.

women want career advancement
but face unique barriers to career success.


lack of confidence
lower risk-taking
lifestyle choices


lack of sponsorship
limited flexibility
unconscious bias

re.invent women offers career resources to reduce self-imposed barriers and motivate female talent to take the next career step.

to do this, we offer four products

career assessments

through surveys, discovery questions and interviews, we help you find out how your strengths, values, interests and abilities impact your potential success and satisfaction with different career options.

career talks

networking events with inspirational role models. women identify next career steps, gain a positive mindset and increase self-confidence in their professional skills.

business bootcamps

crash courses in business, tech and leadership. The 1-2 day sessions are designed for women who want focus on key areas for career development

1:1 coaching

personalised business coaching sessions for in-depth guidance to reach your personal and professional potential

the blog

my writing focuses on my personal experience changing career directions, finding work-life balance and channeling creativity. I reference books, articles, videos, websites and other resources that I find helpful.