Taking it easy

On my run this morning on a beautiful beach in Greece, I was listening to the Eagle song, “Take it Easy“. The singer was talking about seven women he’d entertained in his pick-up truck and his hopeful quest for the love of woman number eight. Although, I couldn’t relate to his particular situation exactly, I repeated his lyrics over and over in my head: “take it easy…don’t let the sound of your wheels make you crazy”.

So I’m in my vacation mode now, but my everyday life looks much different. I’m constantly spinning my wheels (which consequently, makes me “crazy”). Rec

Of course, this viewpoint is plain wrong. In the world of sport, recovery is part of the process to become more effective and efficient. You don’t win races without taking breaks–otherwise, you risk injury. I’m reading Joe Friel’s book, The Triathlete’s Training Bible–he writes an entire chapter about “recovery”. A good athlete should have an “easy week” of training every 3 weeks with a significantly reduced workload with low-intensity and low-volume. It’s also important for athletes to be able to unload fatigue frequently–without this, you risk becoming what’s called “stagnant”.

Vacation is a great time to recover from the everyday trials and tribulations of the year. But from now on, I’m inspired to create a “mini-vacay” every 3 weeks for myself–one week in the month of less stress and more time to recover. I need a training plan for that…or maybe I need to just to take time to listen to more beach vacation music…I’m moving on to Jimmy Buffet…

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